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..a witness for every moment

A Panic Button For The Smartphone Age

A team of software developers have created a mobile app that records your life for you, audio, video and geolocation in case you might need a witness. Should something happen that you require permanent documentation of, you can save the recorded data to support you should you need it.

A witness for
every moment

For the Record discreetly captures your life, saving it locally only when you tell it to. It runs in the background and is optimised not to deplete your battery, so you’re never without a Witness  

Easily Record

Once For the Record has captured evidence that you would like to save, open the app and save the data to your local storage, compressed and hidden to prevent it from being tampered with.




A witness for
every moment

For the Record is built around privacy, and seeks to provide evidence of any situation from police interactions, bullying, vehicle accidents, altercations, arguments, workplace harassment, legal disputes and much more. It gives users the confidence to stand up for themselves in the face of misguided authority or misplaced aggression. Never be without a Witness.

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For the Record | A Witness For Every Moment